3blocks.io Worldwide

Company blurb

3Blocks is a tokenized fractional real estate ownership platform. We bring lucrative American real estate on the blockchain and enable people around the world to invest in American real estate from the comfort of their living rooms.

Company size

5-10 employees.

Remote status

As a remote-friendly company, we prioritize flexibility, enabling our employees to achieve work-life balance while delivering exceptional results from the comfort of their preferred locations.



Company technologies

Coupled with an advanced tech stack encompassing ReactJS, NestJS, Node.js, AWS, and Blockchain, our company leverages cutting-edge technologies to deliver innovative and scalable solutions, ensuring unparalleled value to our clients and users.

Office locations

4910 E Adamo Dr, Unit B, Tampa, FL - 33605, United States.

How to apply

Our open positions are listed on our Linkedin page.