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Our mission is to be the best place to start looking for a job. We search thousands of websites so you don't have to and bring together millions of ads so you can find every job, everywhere, via Adzuna. We provide smarter search options and powerful data about the job market, giving you the information you need to take control of your career.

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Remote status

The remote status is mainly centered around the tech team, that is currently spread across Europe, including UK, Greece, Poland, Germany. Our job descriptions clearly state location expectations and are always welcome to ask.


The tech team usually works from UTC to UTC +3 timezones, but we are also flexible on moving backward or forward your working hours. Feel free to ask if in doubt!

Company technologies

Linux, perl, python, mysql, elasticsearch, gearman, rabbitMQ, nginx, apache, memcached, AWS, terraform, chef.

Office locations

  • London

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