Algorithmia North America

Company blurb

Algorithmia's goal is to make applications smarter by building a community around building smarter applications. As developers, we want to advance the development, discovery, and accessibility of algorithmic intelligence. That's why we're building the largest marketplace for algorithms in the world available through a simple, scalable API.

Algorithmia is a highly-scalable platform of microservices built on Kubernetes and Docker. Our platform runs the public algorithm marketplace on as well as production workloads for some of the largest companies leveraging machine learning.

Company size

Post-series A, approximately 25 people.

Remote status

Algorithmia has a remote-first culture - we believe people should work where they are happiest and most productive. We have several people who work entirely remotely, and many more of us work remotely at least one day a week. All meetings are remote-friendly -- We have video stand-ups, video all-hands, and video town hall lunches. We communicate mostly through Slack.


Worldwide, but we work primarily on US timezones.

Company technologies

  • Java (Scala) microservices
  • MySQL
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker

Office locations

  • Seattle, WA

How to apply

Visit our about page for more information, and our jobs page for open positions.