AlphaSights USA, UK, (EST, GMT)

Company blurb

About AlphaSights

Beginning in 2008, we have pioneered a faster, better way for professionals to access highly specific business knowledge. We do so by connecting decision-makers at the world’s top private equity firms, hedge funds, strategy consultancies and corporations with industry practitioners who possess the exact frontline knowledge needed.

About our Software Engineering Team

In a business that recognizes usable software is critical to success, our Software Engineering team builds innovative and intuitive products that supercharge our employees in their everyday work. We practice test driven development, continuous integration & deployment, and pair programming. We constantly improve our processes and workflows to ensure we maximize efficiency, quality, and developer happiness. Constant learning and self improvement is fundamental to our team’s culture. We use a modern stack: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and Postgres.

Company size

400+ employees worldwide. Spread across our offices in New York, London, Dubai, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul, and San Francisco.

Remote status

Currently we have remote employees in Brazil, Dominican Republic, and Mexico. Communication between our New York, London, and remote engineers is really important. Therefore, we use tools like Hangouts, ScreenHero, etc. to keep everyone in the loop. Once a year we have a team offsite for everyone to meet in person! We also encourage our remote friends to join us at our New York and London offices a few times a year.


Our remote engineers work the same hours as our New York and London offices depending on what team they are on. We welcome people in all time zones that are willing to work in EST or GMT.

Company technologies

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Javascript (Ember, React)
  • PostgreSQL
  • Git

Office locations

Our engineering offices are located in New York City and London. We have other offices in Dubai, Shanghai, Seoul, and San Francisco.

How to apply

Check out our open positions here: We also have an awesomesauce blog: