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Company blurb

Argyle is a remote-first, Series A fast-growing tech startup that has reimagined how to use employment data.

Renting an apartment, buying a car, refinancing a home, applying for a loan. The first question that they will ask you is, "how do you earn your money?" Wouldn’t you think that information foundational to our society would be simple to manage, transfer and control? Well, it’s not!

Argyle provides businesses with a single global access point to employment data. Any company can process work verifications, gain real-time transparency into earnings and view worker profile details.

We are a fun and passionate group of people working remotely across 21 different countries and counting.

Company size

95-110 team members.

Remote status

We’re all over the map

*in a good way

With a CEO in New York, a CTO in Vilnius, a COO in San Francisco, and team members in four continents and counting, we aren’t lying when we say that we’re a global company.

And that is part of our strength—drawing on the best talent from around the world, without constraining ourselves to geographies. In other words, we care about the merit of your work, not where you work from.


We currently have employees from 21 different countries and counting, We are a 100% remote company hiring from around the world.

Certain job openings are for USA based citizens only.

Company technologies

Kubernetes, Salesforce, Node.js, Jest, Python, GO and React are some of the popular tools that Argyle uses.

Office locations

Argyle is headquartered in New York, NY and has 2 office locations across 2 countries.

New York, USA🇺🇸

Vilnius, Lithuania🇱🇹