Art & Logic USA, Canada

Company blurb

We have built software for over 900 clients from a diverse set of industries including education, aerospace, music technology, consumer electronics, entertainment, financial services, and many more. Coding the "impossible."™

Company size

Over 50

Remote status

Art & Logic developers all work remotely from across the US and Canada. Most of us work from our home offices, but some of us prefer to rent office space or work at a coworking facility. We do our best to accommodate the unique schedule and work-style requirements of our people, but because our work is highly collaborative within project teams, it’s important that everyone have a reasonable amount of overlap with traditional middle-of-the-day business hours. This means that we’re not a suitable option for anyone looking to pick up a handful of night & weekend moonlighting hours. We’re only considering developers who are able to regularly work 30 or more billable hours per week.

Being a distributed company is built into Art & Logic’s DNA — since being founded in 1991, we’ve acquired, built, and stumbled across tools and practices that let us work efficiently and productively, even though no two of us are in the same location. For most of our collaboration, we rely on the suite of tools provided as part of Google Apps for Business — we use Docs for shared documents, Groups for project-specific communications (both within the team and between Art & Logic and clients), and Hangouts/GChat for real-time voice/video communication.

From reading the trade magazines, you’d think that there wasn’t any development talent once you got 50 miles outside of the Bay Area, except for a few small pockets of talent in New York City and Boston. That’s a pretty dumb idea. We also disagree with the idea that work is mostly a place you go — it’s a thing you do, and given the right environment, support, and culture, you should be able to do great work from wherever you work best. For most of us at Art & Logic, that workspace is at home, where we can maintain control of noise, distractions, and other factors that can make it difficult to remain productive throughout the work day.

We like to say that we don’t telecommute, because there’s no place for us to telecommute to. If you’ve had bad experiences working remotely in the past because you’ve been left out of what was happening in ‘the office’ — we’re different. The tools, infrastructure, and work practices that we’ve adopted over the years let us work together effectively, efficiently, and very collaboratively without regard to the physical distances between any two of us.


US and Canada

Company technologies

We work with an extensive range of languages and technologies.

  • C++
  • Python
  • Objective C
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • ActionScript
  • Ruby
  • Java
  • C#
  • Git

Office locations

Headquarters in Pasadena, CA and offices throughout the US.

How to apply

We’re always looking for great developers, whether we have an immediate place for them or not. Our recruiting process runs continuously in the background, identifying people we’d like to work with as soon as an appropriate opportunity surfaces. When the rate of new projects starting exceeds the rate of existing projects being completed, we reach out to that group of already vetted developers, looking for the best match of skills, availability, and likelihood of long-term success at Art & Logic.

Careers page here and general application here .