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Company blurb

Artefactual Systems Inc. is a privately owned company incorporated in British Columbia, Canada. We are experts in open-source, open-standard technologies for archival collections and digital repositories. The company was founded in January 2001 and has been providing archives technology and digital preservation consulting services since that time.

Artefactual provides a comprehensive suite of consulting, development, technical support, and hosting services, but is best known for developing two open-source software tools, the Archivematica digital preservation system and the AtoM onne access system.

As free and open-source software tools, Archivematica and AtoM are also used by both client and non-client institutions around the world. Artefactual has deep ties to the open-source and digital preservation communities and is a member of the Open Preservation Foundation.

Company size

18 employees listed on the team page .

Remote status

Our philosophy is collaboration-focused, remote-friendly, and flexible. We care deeply about supporting the growth of all our employees and making sure they feel professionally fulfilled.


UTC-8 to UTC+2

Company technologies

PHP, Python, JavaScript, git, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Django, Symfony, Ansible, Docker, Jenkins, Nginx, Azure, AWS, Ubuntu, CentOS, RedHat.

Office locations

New Westminster, BC.

How to apply

Check out our careers page .