Company blurb

BetterUp 's mission is to enable people to live their lives with more purpose, passion, and clarity with a new breed of personalized coaching that is rooted in evidence-based science and is highly accessible. We have built a team of world class behavioral scientists, health experts, navy seals, and even olympic medalists

We are an agile development shop that lives and breathes lean startup principles, continuous deployment, and have built culture of engineering quality where each team member is empowered to have an impact on our mission of building a platform for transformational behavior change.

Company size

140 people and growing fast

Remote status

~50% of the company is remote, and the engineering team is 90%+ remote. We have a strong remote culture and constantly refine our practices and processes to ensure remote employees as integral parts of every team they are on. We also participate in quarterly retreats to meet up in person.


North America, Latin America

Company technologies

Our principles and practices:

  • Comprehensive test coverage (> 95%)
  • Maintaining up to date dependencies (minor dependencies upgraded within 1 week of release, major dependencies 1 month)
  • Continuous Deployment (ship early, ship often)
  • Performance as a feature (< 250ms 95th percentile API response time)
  • "Just in time" Architecture (invest in architecture in lockstep with product initiatives)

Our tech stack includes:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • EmberJS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Heroku
  • iOS (Swift)
  • Android (Kotlin)

Office locations

Our headquarters is in San Francisco and we have a satellite office in Phoenix, AZ.

How to apply

We are hiring! Visit