Big Wheel Brigade

Company blurb

Big Wheel Brigade is a web application development shop and also runs a code boot camp, Omaha Code School .

We reserve 10% of our gross revenue for social good. In 2015, we're planning to use 5% for anti-slavery orgs, 2.5% to foster a diverse and inclusive tech community, and the balance for this and that.

Company size

7, with some overlap between the code school and dev sides of our org.

Remote status

Except for instructors, the everyone else can work from home or from a company-paid co-working space. When the instructors are between sessions, they often provide dev support on the consulting side (which can be done remotely).


US, currently.

Company technologies

Rails, primarily, with some Wordpress clients.

Office locations

Omaha, Nebraska, yo!

How to apply

We currently aren't hiring for a dev position, but are taking applications for an educator position for the code school (not remote).