Black Tangent WorldWide

Company blurb

We're a fully remote development team. We build products to grow and scale companies. Our goal is to show that it is possible for a team to live apart and deliver industry leading solutions. Teams and communities can collaborate across borders and continents and still be as efficient as the traditional approach. Our philosophy is always that the number of hours worked has no correlation with the quality of work produced.

Company size

5-10 employees

Remote status

Working remotely is one of the best-known elements of our culture. It has been the way we’ve worked since the very beginning, and we intend to stick to it. For us, it’s a way to allow our team the flexibility to build great lives around their work, which in turn, helps them to enjoy their jobs more and to be more productive.

We are very flexible about where team members choose to live and work. The biggest requirement is that regardless of where you choose to be based, you must make sure you have an internet connection that’s good enough to handle video calls with clients and the rest of the team.

Team members get login details for our OpenVPN servers. VPN usage is compulsory whenever you’re working on public wifi.



Company technologies

Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, Elixir, Phoenix

Office locations

There is no official office. Some of us choose to work in co-working space together when they're in the same city.

How to apply

Read our playbook and contact us!