Brave Investments

Company blurb

The company invests in venture capital within Brazil. Brave looks fore investments in companies with high growth perspectives and the potential to revolutionize urban environments. We believe technology is the most likely solution for problems in our modern day metropolis.

We do not restrict our business solely to investments. Our partners are constantly developing projects in-house and testing them in the market.

Company size


Remote status

The remote status is mainly centered around the tech team, that is currently spread across Europe, including UK, Greece, Poland, Germany. Our job descriptions clearly state location expectations and are always welcome to ask.


The tech team usually works from UTC to UTC +3 timezones, but we are also flexible on moving backward or forward your working hours. Feel free to ask if in doubt!

Company technologies

Linux, perl, python, mysql, elasticsearch, gearman, rabbitMQ, nginx, apache, memcached, AWS, terraform, chef.

Office locations

  • Brazil

How to apply

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