Bright Funds

Company blurb

Founded in 2012, Bright Funds is on a mission to provide every employee on the planet with the option to give time (volunteering) or money (donations) to the charities of their choice through their workplace. We believe that workplace giving is key to solving the societal imbalances and to provide to those in need around the globe. Bright Funds is proud to work with truly caring employers, providing for hundreds of thousands of employees around the globe. We work with employers of all sizes including a number of Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies.

Company size

11-50 (Source: LinkedIn )

Remote status

Remote-friendly workplace with a highly-collaborative culture



Company technologies

Ruby, Rails, Postgres


jQuery & Bootstrap

Heroku & Git

Scrum/agile development in sprints

Office locations

Based in Oakland, CA, USA

How to apply

Visit our jobs page .