Brikl North America, Asia

Company blurb

Brikl is the leading eCommerce MicroStore technology partner for custom and promotional businesses worldwide. Our market-leading features include 15-minute store setup, bulk embellishment, and supplier integrations, vastly reducing the effort, cost, and chaos involved in the selling and customization process. We help build profitable businesses, increase employee happiness and offer internal efficiencies that positively impact the planet, enabling companies to create better across their organizations.

Company size

100-150 Employees

Remote status

5 days work week with flexible hours and WFH policy.


North America, Asia

Company technologies

  • NodeJs
  • React
  • Prisma
  • AWS lambda
  • GraphQL

Office locations

  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Ohio, USA
  • Leuven,Belgium

How to apply

Brikl Careers Page