Company blurb

Calibre is an intentionally small, bootstrapped company building tools to help create faster, more equitable internet.

Our purpose is to serve and support people: our customers, teammates and the community. Being people-first is fundamental to everything we do. This belief leads us to continually rethink traditional ways of doing business.

We choose to create a balanced and independent company: Calibre has been bootstrapped and profitable since its founding, and it steadily grows each year. In 2020, we have switched to a four-day workweek to advance our commitment to sustainability and wellness. Now, we’re a fully remote company too.

Company size

2 (as of May 2022).[^1]

[^1]: See our About page for up-to-date information.

Remote status

We strive to build a fully remote, diverse company that supports its employees equally no matter their location.

We collaborate primarily through Linear, Slack, Notion, GitHub and Figma. We value deep work and written communication, which is why we’re light on meetings and default to asynchronous communication.



[^2]: We hire in any of the locations supported by that have at least 2 hours overlap with 🇦🇺 Melbourne, Australia.

Company technologies

  • Back-end: Ruby, Ruby on Rails
  • Front-end: React, Next.js, CSS-in-JS, Apollo, GraphQL
  • Infrastructure: AWS (EC2, SQS and Lambda)
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, Clickhouse

Office locations

None. Calibre doesn’t have a fixed office!

How to apply

We don’t hire often, but when we do, we approach it with transparency and respect towards applicants in mind. Everyone receives a response at any stage, no matter the outcome and all of our roles come with pay ranges.

Check our open positions and application guidelines on our Careers page .