Capmo CET -4 / CET +4

Company blurb

Capmo was established in early 2018, aiming to transform the construction industry. Since its inception, we've achieved significant milestones. Some noteworthy achievements include: expanding from a team of four to over 90 members, successfully completing three funding rounds, relocating to our state-of-the-art terrace office in the heart of Munich, and granting all our employees co-ownership through employee shares.

Company size

Currently, we boast a team of about 100, with numbers on the rise. Nearly half of our workforce is dedicated to engineering, complemented by teams in product, design, sales, finance, operations, and other vital roles.

Remote status

Capmo embraced remote work culture from its early days. Particularly in engineering, many of our team members are dispersed mainly across Europe and other global regions. While certain roles necessitate office presence, we uphold a flexible approach to remote work. We firmly believe in empowering individuals to work from locations where they're most productive.


Currently, we have offices in Munich and Berlin, Germany. Yet, we're receptive to hiring remote talents globally, provided they're within three to four time zones of Central European Time (CET). This encompasses all of Europe, the Middle East/West Asia, and Africa.

Company technologies

We're big fans of TypeScript, employing it across servers, clients, and even infrastructure. Our tech stack also includes React, React Native, GraphQL, and PostgreSQL. All hosted on AWS, managed using CDK.

Transitioning from our React Native app, we're venturing into native development. Hence, we're on the lookout for skilled iOS and Android developers.

Office locations

Our Munich location is a short distance from the city's core. In Berlin, our office nestles within a vibrant co-working space downtown. Additionally, our remote team members work from home or other chosen locales.

How to apply

Visit our careers page for current opportunities. If nothing aligns with your profile, don't hesitate to connect with us regardless.