CartoDB Worldwide

Company blurb

It's a location intelligence tool to create amazing visualizations of geospatial data in the cloud. Upload your data, create your visualizations without a line of code and share them with the world.

Company size

67 team members listed on the team page

Remote status

CartoDB can be described as "remote-friendly". From a current employee when discussing in this repo

While it's true that we don't explicitly announce the possibility to work remotely in our job openings, any employee can work wherever he or she wants.

We currently have several people working 100% remote and also several other people work partially remote (i.e: they come to the Madrid office once every one or two weeks).

It's true that we aren't a 100% remote company, but we are definitely remote-friendly.


Remote friendly worldwide

Company technologies

CartoDB has a lovely attributions page with a lot of information.

Frontend Backend Other features
Leaflet Ubuntu Chef
Wax PostGIS Munin
jQuery & plugins Nginx Nagios
Backbone Node Monit
Underscore Varnish
CodeMirror Unicorn
Mustache Ruby on Rails

Office locations

Madrid & NYC

How to apply

CartoDB open vacancies are listed on their Jobs page