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Hi, we're Chroma. We build tools to help frontend developers build, test, and share UI components.

We maintain Storybook , the most popular open source tool for developing UI components. It’s used by thousands of companies like Lyft, Airbnb, and GitHub to engineer UIs for millions of people.

Chroma is run by Storybook core maintainers. We speak at conferences, write books, articles, and tutorials related to Component-Driven Development using Storybook.

To fuel our open source and community work we make Chromatic , an industrial-grade visual testing service for UI components and libraries made for Storybook.

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We are a fully remote company currently in 6 timezones across the globe. We meet weekly in Zoom and use Slack for daily communication. All our work happens on GitHub. We try to plan a yearly company retreat although the last one was cancelled due to Corona.


We are US (Silicon Valley) based but have people in The Netherlands, Taiwan and Australia too. We are looking to expand in the US preferably.

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We technically have an office in Silicon Valley but nobody really works from there. Some of us use a shared office space though.

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Chroma careers page

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