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Easily set-up your builds, with no infrastructure to manage. No Ops. No Admins. Increase your throughput. CloudBees CodeShip is fast, so you never have to wait. Configure your build anyway you want and deploy anywhere.

Codeship's continuous integration platform operates B2D portal that delivers hosted continuous integration and deployment for web applications. It shortens the development cycles thus reducing the risk of bugs and increasing innovation. It helps software companies to develop a better product faster by taking care of the testing and release process. Codeship automates software deployment and all the necessary tasks involved with it.

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Codeship has roots in the US and Austria. We were founded in Austria and then grew as part of the Techstars Accelerator program, Spring 2013 class, in Boston. We strive to have a team full of smart people from all around the world, and we work remotely to enable this. Our team is spread across six countries in North America and Europe. We'll make sure you have all of the office equipment you need to be a successful member of a remote team, either at home or in a coworking space. You'll also be able to travel to meet your colleagues throughout the year, and we typically alternate between North America and Europe.



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JavaScript Java Node.js Rails HTML CSS React NoSQL MySQL AWS Kafka MongoDB RocksDB Swift Objective-c Linux Docker Kubernates

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535 Mission St, San Francisco, CA, USA 94105 33 Rothschild Boulevard, Tel-Aviv, Israel 6688302