Company blurb

We are a cooperative dedicated to FOSS as business model and as way of life, founded in 2006, at Salvador, Brazil.

Company size

Our small size floats. We are approximately 20 persons, and almost all are associated to the cooperative.

Remote status

We have remote members working normally since the second year of life of this cooperative. Our default meeting is online, we work connected to IRC (also non IT people), and we always have a remote presence on our local meetings.


We are open to members anywhere. (We know the possible Mars One members will have problems with real-time communication but we are planning a tachyon beam or a wormhole bridge.) Talking seriously, There are legal issues for associating people living outside Brazil, but that is a problem that we will be happy to solve when needed. Besides that we must consider language limitations on the role you will play at Colivre. Our primary language is Portuguese.

Company technologies

  • Ruby on Rails
  • HTML, CSS, SCSS, Javascript, jQuery
  • Postgress
  • Git
  • Server administration (all meanings that could put here)

Office locations

Salvador, Bahia, Brasil.

How to apply

Write to and point to your FOSS contributions.