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CrateDB is an open source , multi-model, and distributed database that offers high performance, scalability and flexibility. It is made for all sorts of data types - structured, semi-structured, and unstructured.

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Remote status

At CrateDB it doesn't matter if you live far away from one of our offices or close by - we are one team working together and building a great and unique database. We have a great culture of remote activities but try to also meet on a regular basis to foster team spirit and communications.



Company technologies

CrateDB is a global multi-model database building upon Lucene, the same storage/index system that is the foundation of Elasticsearch, and also inherited its subsystems for running a distributed application that enables companies to access data insights at scale. The flexible, distributed database solution combines the performance of NoSQL with the power and simplicity of standards-compliant SQL. Optimized for large data volumes with high compute and data versatility requirements, CrateDB runs in the cloud, on the edge and on-premise. 

Office locations

US, Germany and Austria.

How to apply

Visit the career section on our website to see the latest job openings. We are hiring!