Cueup Worldwide

Company blurb

Cueup was founded in 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since then the company has grown to parts of Asia and America and continues to expand the community to new countries every day.

We strive to help DJs get ahead in the world and connect them across borders - all meanwhile making it easier for event organizers to find a DJ than ever before.

Company size

We’re a distributed team of 4 across different time zones!

Remote status

We don't have any offices but often work together from coworking spaces. We use the standard async tools to communicate (Slack, Trello, etc.) our work, but also make time to connect personally.


Worldwide! Most of us are nomadic folks, but usually working out of Copenhagen, Bali, and the US.

As for the DJs we cover every timezone, and some DJs even travel across countries to do gigs.

Company technologies

  • Node.js
  • React
  • GQL
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • Mongo
  • Git

Office locations

The team is 100% remote

How to apply

If you want to work on the insides of the platform - just reach out on :)