DataStax Worldwide

Company blurb

DataStax helps companies compete in a rapidly changing world where expectations are high and new innovations happen daily. DataStax is an experienced partner in on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud deployments and offers a suite of distributed data management products and cloud services. We make it easy for enterprises to deliver killer apps that crush the competition.

More than 400 of the world’s leading enterprises including Capital One, Cisco, Comcast, Delta Airlines, eBay, Macy’s, McDonald’s, Safeway, Sony, and Walmart use DataStax to build modern applications that can be deployed across any cloud.

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Company size

500+ employees worldwide

Remote status

Over 85% of our engineering team is remote and distributed across 15+ countries globally. Leveraging GitHub, JIRA, Slack, and Zoom; we stay connected and productive regardless of location.

DataStax was founded on the principle of hiring exceptional talent regardless of geographic location. We get remote and do it right!

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Company technologies

  • DBs: NoSQL databases (Apache Cassandra), distributed, peer-to-peer, always-available, resilient systems

  • DB Drivers: Java, Python, NodeJS, C#, C++

  • Development: Git, GitHub, Jenkins, Grafana

  • Web dev: ReactJS, Apollo, GraphQL, Express.js

  • Cloud Infrastructure: Golang, Docker, Kubernetes, Envoy, Terraform, Prometheus

  • Cloud: Cloud service providers APIs, cloud native applications (AWS, GCP, Azure)

Office locations

  • Santa Clara, CA (Headquarters)
  • Austin, TX
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Tokyo
  • Berlin
  • Sydney
  • Windsor
  • Ireland
  • Paris

How to apply

Many remote engineering opportunities are currently available. Check out: to learn more.