dnsimple.com Worldwide

Company blurb

DNSimple provides DNS, domain registration and SSL certificates for developers and small businesses worldwide.

Company size

We are currently 14 people. Here is a bit more about the team: https://dnsimple.com/about

Remote status

Our team is 100% distributed, with team members in the US, Canada, Germany, Spain, and Italy.

We write about how we work as a distributed team on our blog:


We are open to new team members living anywhere in the world.

Company technologies

Our web applications are typically developed in Ruby or Go. Our DNS servers are written in Erlang. We use Chef for automating our operational environments.

Office locations

Our official home base is Melbourne, Florida, US.

How to apply

We are a bootstrapped company, so we hire very slowly and intentionally, which means we only hire a few people, at most, each year. If you are interested in having a conversation about what we might be able to do together, and why you'd like to help make the world of domain names and DNS better for developers around the world, email Anthony: anthony.eden@dnsimple.com.