Company blurb

We are a small team of highly skilled JavaScript developers working on a Typescript/Angular2 application that flies drones and analyzes the processed imagery. We are looking for senior JavaScript engineers that can join us. We are looking for JS developers who consider themselves experts and have experience shipping products. We solve difficult problems here at DroneDeploy using JavaScript, and we will pay very competitively for great engineers. This is for a longer term position. Learn more about us at https://www.dronedeploy.com

Company size

Approximately 40+ employees split between our SF offices and many remote employees across the globe.

Remote status

Remote friendly! (We use Slack, GitHub, etc.) You're expected to maintain a regular day-to-day schedule and be in the 'office' & responsive during your chosen work time. That said, we offer lots of flexibility for adjusting your schedule based on personal/family needs. Some travel is required (typically 2 or 3 week-long trips a year).]

Company technologies

JavaScript, TypeScript, Cordova, iOS, Android, Angular2, Python

Office locations

San Francisco, USA

How to apply

Include Responses to these questions in your application:

  1. What are some of your opinions on JavaScript testing? If you were brought in as a consultant for a company that had no tests. How would you sell them on JavaScript testing and what is some advice you'd offer the engineers writing the tests?
  2. What was your favorite project you've worked on and what did you like about it.
  3. If you could add one feature or a set of features to an upcoming JavaScript specification, what would it be and why?
  4. If you were to develop your own framework for web applications in JS. What are 3 key features you would include and why?

Please send resume and answers to the questions above to chase+jobs@dronedeploy.com. We get a lot of applications. If you have any work you've done or something that is impressive please send it we'd like to see it! I will reply with a timed coding challenge that will take about an hour. Then we'll follow up with remote interviews with a few of our engineers.

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