meetedgar.com USA, Canada

Company blurb

We created Edgar in 2014 so that entrepreneurs, bloggers, and marketers could manage their social media with more consistency and in less time. We add more than 50 new users daily, and we’re only picking up steam.

That’s the business. And us? We’re a small team of thing-doers, fun-havers, and word-maker-uppers. We plan for big successes, because those are just way more fun. We don’t bother with office politics, both because that’s way too cliche, and also, because we don’t have an office. (So, you can wear stretchy pants to work and no one will judge.)

We know we’re ridiculously lucky to have this group of ambitious, kind, independent little nerds, and we want to keep that going by bringing in even more people who love geeking out about what they do and doing work they’ll be super proud of.

Company size

We’re a small team of 13 people, all working remotely across the US.

Remote status

100% Remote Want a commute that's only 30 seconds long? Think cats make the best officemates? Work with us, and work from home. We’re a small team of 13 people, all working remotely across the US. We do a lot of collaborating and meme-swapping on Slack, along with virtual team meetings and futuristic video calls. We also do a twice-annual meetup week where we work together on cool projects all day and generally make fools of ourselves all night.


US and Canada

Company technologies

Wordpress + Ruby on Rails (based on careers page ).

Office locations

We don't even HAVE a headquarters, unless you count our secret undersea laboratory.

How to apply

Edgar has a careers page