Evil Martians

Company blurb

Evil Martians is a distributed product development consultancy that works with startups and established businesses, and creates open source-based products and services.

Clients trust us to be the core technical team behind their startups, delivering all elements of successful product work: user interface design backed by analytics, agile software development, infrastructure administration, and service reliability. We pay extra attention to mentoring, making sure that the practices we bring in are adopted by the internal team before our collaboration is over.

Martian intervention proves effective for startups that are pivoting or experiencing explosive growth. We work with seed-stage and series A/B startups, Y Combinator alumni, as well as with more established internet companies doing “internal startups.” Clients come to Evil Martians for our technological expertise proven by recommendations from CEOs and venture capitalists, our success in product development, and our open source experience and culture.

Our open source products include PostCSS and Autoprefixer (front-end tools used by major startups and internet-based companies), imgproxy, AnyCable, Astrograph and a plethora of libraries for Ruby, JavaScript, and other languages. We regularly “tour,” giving keynotes at key technical conferences and local meetups. You can learn more about Martian open source at evilmartians.com/oss and check out our technical blog at evilmartians.com/chronicles .

Company size


Remote status

Remote-first distrbuted team with several offices for offline meetups.


United States (NY), Portugal, Japan.

Company technologies

Ruby and Rails, Go, TypeScript, Elixir, Rust. TypeScript, React/Redux, Svelte, Vue, PostCSS, GraphQL. iOS with Swift. Blockchain (Stellar). Machine Learning: PyTorch, Catalyst. Kubernetes, Docker.

Office locations

195 Montague St. Brooklyn, NY 11201

Vila Nova de Gaia, Rua Alexandre Oneill, 38 Porto, Portugal 4400-008

3‑6‑1 Kitakyuhojimachi, Chuo‑ku Osaka, 541-0057, Japan

How to apply

First, please check if there are openings at the site or our socials . Write to apply at obey@evilmartians.com; make sure to write a cover letter and include links to you open source projects or contributions, no matter how small.