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Evil Martians (https://evilmartians.com) is a lean web development shop with headquarters in Moscow, Russia and remote employees located all over the world. Using agile processes and our expertise in Ruby on Rails, Erlang, Scala, Go and DevOps techniques, we help startups pivot and online businesses grow.

We cover all technical areas of the project: from general technical management and planning to development, release management, technical platform and development operations, as well as interface design and implementation. We deal with all technical-related questions and tasks, while our customer acts as a product manager/owner, setting priorities and strategizing. We start with writing the specification and choosing a platform for the project (cloud, dedicated, hybrid), plan the iterations, deliver software in weekly or biweekly iterations and continue with the development. When our client’s project is running smoothly and the technical platform is stable, we help employ new talent, including hiring juniors and training them. Operations and maintenance — maintaining project uptime, growing the platform — are also on us.

We're mostly a Ruby on Rails shop — we’ve been doing Rails applications since the early days, most back-end (and some front-end) developers have contributions to Rails itself or key Ruby libraries; almost all of us have at least some open-source projects.

Our key clients include Groupon Russia (all web and back-office development since day one through to Groupon’s global IPO, to the present day), eBay (lean development of an official Russian eBay social media marketing site), RocketBank (backend for a Russian mobile-only banking service), ZeptoLab (internal analytics service for a world-known mobile games developer), News360 (web version of personalized news reader), Ren TV (one of Russian leading TV networks), OnlineTours.ru (leading Russian travel site) and ROSA Lab (Russian Mandriva Linux R&D center).

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All stuff is remote


All stuff located all over the world

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Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Erlang, Scala, Go, Postgresql, Chef, React, Redux, Node.js

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6 Chaplygina St, Moscow, Russia, 105062

How to apply

Contact us via contact form on our website or just shoot us an e-mail surrender@evilmartians.com or make an open source task from cultofmartians.com