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Extreme makes networking simple, flexible and scalable. We focus on making your network a strategic asset to power new services, ensure business continuity and accelerate innovation. Whether it’s powering the classroom of the future, improving patient care across hospitals or powering citizen services across Smart Cities – the network has never been more critical to success and we help customers find new ways to leverage the network to drive better outcomes.

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We operate with a Flex First model – enabling our employees to work from wherever is most convenient for them. “Flexibility is the new normal and a key ingredient to creating a more engaged and committed workforce. It has also become a competitive advantage and an expectation for attracting and retaining talent. As such, you will see our flexible work model engrafted into our culture.  We ensure that no matter where in the world our employees are working, they feel connected through technology, common interests, and passion.



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AWS Microsoft Azure CSP

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