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Company blurb

Eyeo is the company behind the world's most popular browser extension: Adblock Plus . It maintains Adblock Plus versions for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer; also standalone Adblock Plus applications for Android and iOS as well as Adblock Browser for Android and iOS. Almost everything that the company does is open source, and the primary directive is delivering great products that will improve the web as a whole.

In order to achieve our goal of creating a sustainable web ecosystem we developed the Acceptable Ads program . Mediating between user and publisher interests, providing the former with a good web experience and allowing the latter to retain revenue sources, is a complicated task and we don't always make friends. However, we feel strongly that this is an important task to be done, and we've already achieved significant successes.

Company size

Around 50 employees

Remote status

Most our developers are working remotely, even the ones living in the region. With the communication mostly happening over the Internet (IRC, Discourse, issue tracker, code reviews) coming into the office is optional. There is a weekly All Hands meeting where everybody should attend (people living in the area normally in person), otherwise we are completely flexible.

The company sponsors team meetings twice a year where everybody is invited - you can fly in and have fun together. If you want to come in at some other time, the company will usually pay the expenses as well. We'll also help you relocate if you decide to move to Cologne. All of this is merely an offer however, you decide what you want to do.


It doesn't matter where our team members are located, as long as they are passionate about what they do.

Company technologies

JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS, XUL, Java (Android), C++, Objective-C

Office locations

The company is located in Cologne, Germany. We pay for coworking space elsewhere if remote workers want it.

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