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FireHire is a fully remote and rapidly growing talent network with over 1600 professionals, revolutionizing the way top-tier remote software engineers connect with leading companies. Our expertise lies in quickly providing businesses with pre-vetted, senior-level remote software talent across a diverse range of skills, typically within just 5 days. Simultaneously, we open doors to high-quality software job opportunities for remote developers globally, helping them land prestigious roles in prominent firms. Leveraging an efficient process and a 30-day risk-free replacement guarantee, we ensure a perfect match for every role. FireHire's approach not only democratizes opportunities for developers worldwide but also empowers organizations to swiftly build their dream engineering teams without the usual time and resource constraints.

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Company size

100-200 employees

Remote status

FireHire operates on a fully remote basis. With no offices to tether us, our focus is squarely on what you accomplish, not the time spent in a chair. This approach recognizes and celebrates the quality and impact of your work, fostering a more productive and satisfying work environment.

Being entirely remote enables us to collaborate with the finest talent from across the globe, offering unparalleled flexibility and diversity in our workforce. Our team members are not confined by geographical boundaries, allowing them to bring their unique perspectives and skills from various locations worldwide.



Company technologies

JavaScript, Angular, React, NodeJS, TypeScript, Ruby, Python, Java Spring, PHP, Laravel, Rust, Scala, Android, iOS Swift

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