Company blurb

We design and implement projects to accelerate growth and innovation for our clients. Our team are cross functional: business strategy, UX, development, operations, all working together with our clients

Company size

40 (as of October 2020)

Remote status

Full remote, you can choose to work wherever you like, being your home or a coworking. We do have flexible working hours, so it is important to have good communication skills, both synchronous and asynchronous.

We do do have a registered office in Ancona, but it is not used as operating office. When team's members feel the need to meet in person we exploit the most convenient coworking nearby


Italy. We are distributed all across the region, thought the majority of us is located in central north

Company technologies

We consider ourselves Agile and Lean pratictioners from top to bottom focusing on delivering the best value we can We truly believe trust is the key for successful projects, we always aim to build a trust relationship with our clients

We feel comfortable with several web related technologies

backend: Javascript, Typescript, Java, PHP

frontend: Javascript and Typescript

mobile: native and hybrid

cloud: AWS

Office locations

The internet.

How to apply

Contact Us: https://www.flowing.it/job-opportunity