Friday Finance Europe, Americas, Africa, Western Asia

Company blurb

Friday Finance is the all-in-one finance management platform, helping to monitor, move, and improve finances with the finance operations platform tailored for small and medium-sized European businesses.

Company size

Over 60, almost 30 in the Engineering Team.

Remote status

Fully remote setup is the default for the Engineering Team, but with the possibility of hybrid setup in one of our offices around Europe or Brazil, only for those who like it.


Europe, Americas, Africa, Western Asia.

Our preference is to stick between UTC-5 and UTC+4, but small deviations are possible to be discussed.

Company technologies

Some technologies we use/embrace here:

  • Vue
  • Tailwind
  • ECMAScript
  • TypeScript
  • GraphQL
  • Apollo
  • Node
  • Express
  • Prisma
  • PostgreSQL
  • Google Cloud

Office locations

Berlin (Germany), Vienna (Austria), Barcelona (Spain), São Paulo (Brazil).

How to apply

Take a look into our careers page , or reach out directly to our Head of Engineering, Erick , in case you want more details about a possible tech position.