Fuel Made

fuelmade.com Western North America

Company blurb

We're a small remote team focused 100% on building the best e-commerce experiences on the web using Shopify. We're engaged in interesting projects for nationally recognized brands, rapidly growing e-commerce startups and lots of folks in between.

Company size

10 and growing

Remote status

We are a fully remote team, and have optimized our company from the start around remote work. Western North America is your office. We live in Slack. We rarely have meetings, but when we do it's over video (Zoom). Asana for PM, and github for the code stuffs, natch. We're fun and light-hearted, but serious about our craft.

We gather annually in the winter for an all company retreat somewhere fun (and warm).


Our positions require you to reside in western North America (Pacific or Mountain Time Zones)

Company technologies

Primarily front end: (HTML, CSS, JS), as well as Liquid. Some modest backend stuff, bring your favorite backend stack with you.

Office locations

No office! Well, except your office. But that's just for you. We don't bother you there.

How to apply

Hit our jobs page.