General Assembly

Company blurb

Since 2011, General Assembly has transformed tens of thousands of careers through pioneering, experiential education in today's most in-demand skills. As featured in The Economist, Wired, and The New York Times, GA offers training in web development, data, design, business, and more, both online and at campuses around the world. Our global professional community boasts 40,000 full- and part-time alumni — and counting. In addition to fostering career growth for individuals, GA helps employers cultivate top tech talent and spur innovation by transforming their teams through strategic learning. More than 21,000 employees at elite companies worldwide have honed their digital fluency with our corporate training programs. GA has also been recognized as one of Deloitte's Technology Fast 500, and Fast Company has dubbed us leaders in World-Changing Ideas as well as the #1 Most Innovative Company in Education.

Company size

501-1000 employees

Remote status

Your safety is important. In response to COVID-19, all of our programming will be conducted online until further notice.


30+ campuses in 6 countries. There are positions available remote and Worldwide, specifically in the following regions:

  • USA
  • London
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Singapore
  • Toronto

Company technologies

Languages: Ruby 2.X+ Javascript CoffeeScript

Frameworks: Rails 3.x for some bigger legacy apps, Rails 4.x for all newer stuff with solid upgrade paths Grape for APIs ( intridea/grape ) Backbone React ( A JavaScript library for building user interfaces )

App Serving: Nginx (routes a few of our apps on our domain root) Webpack ( webpack module bundler) Unicorn & Puma depending on the app's needs and performance metrics

Databases & Caching: PostgreSQL Redis Memcache

Testing: RSpec Cucumber (trading it out for RSpec features) Minitest Experimenting with Nightwatch.js ( Nightwatch.js )

Background Processing: Sidekiq

CDN: Fastly ( Fastly )

Image Processing: Cloudinary ( Cloudinary )

Monitoring: NewRelic Librato ( Highly Scalable Metrics, Monitoring, and Alerts | Librato ) Papertrail

Exception Tracking: Honeybadger ( Honeybadger )

CI: Semaphore Ci ( Continuous Integration & Deployment )

Platform: Heroku all the things Rackspace for redundant backups, DB backups, deprecated repo storage, etc

Office locations

  • USA (Headquarters is in New York, USA with remote offices across the USA)
  • London
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Singapore
  • Toronto

How to apply

Search by office location or search for remote.