GEO Jobe

Company blurb

GEO Jobe is a tech company focused on geospatial technologies. The company has multiple divisions, including an Enterprise team that helps companies set up AWS or Azure environments, manage databases, and more - including working with spatial and temporal data. The Custom Software Development Team builds unique widgets and applications that leverage geospatial technology to solve problems. The Products team builds out-of-the box software to help companies manage their geospatial data, applications, and users.

Company size

GEO Jobe has 20-50 employees and is growing.

Remote status

GEO Jobe is growing, but maintains about half of its employees as remote and half as on-site. Employees are divided into teams that have regular check-ins to ensure that remote employees are aware of what is happening in the company, that the company is aware of what is going on with them, and to boost cultural inclusion and morale. Remote employees are often invited to attend conferences and other events, so they may meet their teammates as well. The company emphasizes communication amongst employees, and has numerous technologies and practices in place to encourage communication and ensure that remote employees are still included and embraced as part of the team.


USA (with some exceptions - see job postings for details where applicable)

Company technologies

GIS, JavaScript, Esri, ArcGIS, AGOL, ArcPy, Jupytr Notebooks, AWS, Azure, Node.js, Dojo, Typescript, Python, ArcGIS Experience Builder, ArcGIS Web AppBuilder, iOS, Android, Arcade

Office locations

GEO Jobe was founded in Nashville, TN. The Center for Research and Engineering is in Gulfport, MS.

How to apply

To see GEO Jobe's current job openings, check their careers webpage. Almost all jobs are open to remote employees. If there is an opening you want to apply for, instructions will be posted. Typically, you will be instructed to send your resume, cover letter, and link to GitHub (if applicable) to