Ghost Inspector North America, Latin America, Caribbean

Company blurb

Ghost Inspector is a small (but growing) company that's empowering quality assurance teams with our automated browser testing product. We're completely remote and have been since way before it was cool. We're people-first. We prioritize the happiness of our team members and customers over our profits. We're bootstrapped and sustainable without any outside investment. We take pride in our craft, support each other, and work at a reasonable pace.

Company size

Less than 10 (as of July 2020)

Remote status

Our work culture is built on trust, respect, and inclusion. We’re remote, but we’re not like every other remote company. We don’t do sprints. No one is forced to give daily status updates. And you don’t need to announce every time you step away from your computer. We trust that you’ll do your best work when you have the freedom to define how, when, and where you work.


North America, Latin America, Caribbean

Company technologies

Mostly JavaScript: Node.js and AngularJS; some Ruby, React.js, PHP, Python, and Java

Office locations

100% Remote