Gorman Health Group

Company blurb

Ever imagine working for a start-up that’s not a startup? How about leading the effort to renovate a crusty Enterprise (capital "E") industry with modern web development tactics and tools?

Gorman Health Group is a long-time leader in US healthcare consulting, and we recently acquired a boutique development agency. Utilizing this agency’s contemporary workflow and toolchain, we are bootstrapping a new Software Engineering Department, designed to deliver contemporary web applications to an industry mired in late 90’s technology.

We're looking for passionate, creative developers who are excited about writing code that solves new problems. But we’re also looking for leadership: trailblazers attracted to green-field opportunities, who thrive when there’s a personal stake in their work and the outcome.

(Now part of Convey Health Solutions: https://conveyhealthsolutions.com/ )

Company size

200-250 (but less than 10 in our new and growing engineering department).

Remote status

We work fully remotely, so you’ll interact with the team over GoToMeeting, Skype, and chat. We’ll help you create your dream development machine, wherever that might be.


Gorman Health Group employs talented brainmatter throughout the United States.

Company technologies

While we don't take new dependencies lightly, we do aggressively scout for new technology and ultimately, use whatever tool is right for a given job.

That said, we do standardize when and where it makes sense. So far that's meant: Gitlab, Ubuntu, Vagrant, Salt, Docker, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript (Coffeescript), CSS (Stylus, LESS, Sass), HTML (Haml), Bash, some C#.NET MVC, and the typical myriad browser libraries including but not limited to {jQuery, Bootstrap, Underscore, Backbone, Moment, Chart, Modernizr}.js

Office locations

Meatspace headquarters are allegedly in Washington, DC. Many of us have never ventured out to confirm this rumor, and those who have can't be trusted.

How to apply

  1. Visit careers page
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