Company blurb

GreenStitch helps businesses manage their environmental impact in real time and monetize sustainability seamlessly. No Technical expertise required!

Company size

~20 people.

Remote status

We recruit employees and interns and provide them work from home facility. We calculate product supply chain emissions which is quite complex. GreenStitch does the work for you, fast

  • Understand your complete environmental impact
  • Seamlessly Streamline Data Collection and Management Internally and from Suppliers, while Filling Data Gaps with Smart Automation
  • Integrate with existing ERPs & inventory databases, previous sustainability reports
  • Calculate emissions using our integrated database and up-to-date standards, methodologies, and conversion factors



Company technologies

  • AI/ML
  • SaaS Tools
  • MERN
  • SpringBoot

Office locations

We have a physical office in Banglore, India which is mainly populated by our administrative staff.

How to apply

Go to and contact to our staff.