Company blurb

GuideSmiths are experts in Digital Transformation, migrating enterprises quickly and safely away from their legacy platforms. We are uniquely experienced in the development of enterprise strength microservices and have developed tooling and repeatable 'Post Agile' processes that maximise the speed of continuous delivery. Software is a vocation for us, not just a job. We bring creative developers together to solve difficult problems in complex environments. We allow people to find their own space and we let the team form to its strengths. We support remote working and our collaborative, mentoring-led culture keeps everyone learning.

Company size


Remote status

In GuideSmiths we have a remote first culture. You can work in our fantastic offices, from you home or you can come to the office some days or weeks, up to you :) All the process are oriented to allow everybody who is working remotely to participate.



Company technologies

Node.js, React, Microservices, ReactNative, .NET, Docker, Azure, AWS, Serverless, GraphQL.

Office locations

UK (London) Spain (Madrid) Hungary (Budapest and Szeged)