hanzo.co USA, UK, Europe

Company blurb

Hanzo is a world leader in web content preservation. Our client list includes some of the world’s biggest and best companies. Hanzo is used by some of the world’s most advanced organisations to collect, preserve and analyse web content. We operate in genuine ‘white space’ where we’re faced with new and unusual problems everyday. So if you’re the type of engineer who’s bored doing the same old stuff, Hanzo could be the place for you.

Hanzo is a web crawling company and as such our deployments don’t resemble your typical web app. We use AWS a lot and in a dynamic way. We also provide a version of our software for clients to install on their private internal networks. At Hanzo we prefer the tool that’s fit for purpose over the tool with a PR department.

We are a low ego environment where being a team member, listening to your teammates and contributing your own ideas are all key. We are an ideal workplace for curious minded individuals who are keen to collaborate on making things work better.

Company size

20-50 employees

Remote status

Remote first company. Dev team fully remote. Ops/Sales mostly remote.


Dev team is UK/EU, Sales&OPS are US/UK

Company technologies

AWS, Python, Distributed systems, Ansible.

Office locations

Leeds, Philadelphia.

How to apply

Dev jobs , non-dev jobs