Company blurb

Time — everyone has something to say about it, and yet it often goes unmentioned. We believe time should be treated with respect and used with intention. It’s precious, it’s personal, and it’s the shared resource that turns talent into impact. That’s why we make tools that help teams understand the value of their time and shape how they use it.

Harvest first began in 2006 as a tool two designers built for themselves to help their business grow. At a small web design agency in downtown New York City, Danny Wen and Shawn Liu made the tool they couldn’t find: a well-designed, innovative application to track time and invoice. They built Harvest. Since then, it’s grown into a tool used by thousands of teams around the world to track and understand their time.

Company size

68 based on the team shown on Harvest's meet the team page

Remote status

The team is fully remote, with members working across half a dozen time zones.



Company technologies

JavaScript, React, Docker, Chef, Ansible, Ruby, AWS & Rackspace Cloud, MySQL, Nginx, Graphite, StatsD, Sensu, Git, Redis

How to apply

Harvest careers page