Company blurb

We believe software should be useful, simple, and fast – so you can work better, get more accomplished, and make smarter decisions for your business.

Harvest was founded by Danny Wen and Shawn Liu in 2006, at a small office in downtown New York City. During the years leading up to launching Harvest, we ran a web design studio called Iridesco. As our business grew, we looked for tools to help us scale. We searched for a way to easily track time and invoice for our services. We wanted a well designed application that took user experience seriously. We wanted a service that innovated with technology. We couldn’t find one...

So we decided to invest our own time, energy and money into creating what we knew was a better way to run our business – and Harvest was born.

Company size

44 based on the team shown on Harvest's meet the team page

Remote status

The team is remote across most functions within the company, an employee map is available on the webiste.



Company technologies

Docker, Chef, Ansible, Ruby, AWS & Rackspace Cloud, MySQL, Nginx, Graphite, StatsD, Sensu, Git, Redis

How to apply

Harvest careers page