hashex.org US, Asia, Europe

Company blurb

HashEx is impactful tech advisories in the DeFi industry. Experienced team of auditors and developers, analysts, and consultants. Hashex helps customers navigate DeFi markets.

Team believe that only relevant, factual data and top security standards can make the DeFi market a safe financial space.

If you are passionate about our common goal, we are always looking for talented individuals with knowledge, experience, and a desire to learn.

Company size

40+ employees worldwide

Remote status

Fully remote. Members working in different time zones with a flexible schedule


  • US
  • Asia
  • Europe

Company technologies

  • Solidity, Func
  • Hardhat, Waffle
  • NodeJS
  • TypeScript, Rust
  • Git
  • NestJS, NextJS, ReactJS
  • CSS3, HTML5
  • GraphQL, RestAPI
  • PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Clickhouse

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  • Office locations

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