honeycomb.tv Worldwide

Company blurb

Supercharged video advertising delivery. Faster delivery and better collaboration for brands, broadcasters and everyone in between.

Remote status

We are a remote first company with employees working from around Europe. Tech team members that are based near London UK tend to go in once a week to sync up, with the rest of the team joining via Google Hangouts or Screehero.



Company technologies

We largely work with Ruby on Rails, though are using Ruby without Rails for future services. We believe in experimentation and using the tool we think is right for the job, so there is space for other languages too.

We also love Ansible, AWS/Azure, Git, Postgres, Redis, Github, Slack, and Trello.

Office locations

  • London, UK
  • Frankfurt, DE

How to apply

I'm Louis, one of engineers here. Email me for a chat!