hopper.com USA, CA, UK, BG, PH, CO

Company blurb

Hopper is a company developing a mobile app for booking flights and hotels. It predicts and analyzes airfare and accommodation helping users to plan, book, and pay trips.

Company size

Hopper has 437 employees around the globe.

Remote status

Some employees work full-time from our offices and some work remotely. There are a variety of hybrid and fully remote roles at Hopper.


USA, Canada, UK, Bulgaria, Philippines, Colombia

Company technologies

Scala/Python iOS and/or Android Development Pandas, R, SAS or other tools appropriate for large scale data preparation and analysis Databases and SQL, especially Hive and Google Big Query

Office locations

Boston, MA, USA Montreal, Canada Toronto, Canada Vancouver, Canada New York, NY, USA Bogota, Colombia London, UK San Francisco, California, Sofia, Bulgaria Manila, Philippines