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Hugo has two beautiful products (built in house): -Quriobot ( ): our latest product which offers you a chatbot without any hassle and with beautiful elegance. It gives your website/product/service that personal touch the internet misses via conversational UI -Hugo ( ): which is a fanbase management solution (think of it as a combination of SurveyMonkeys and Mailchimps). It accumulates your people data and allows you to enrich it, segment it and easily send out email campaigns.

Company size

5-10 people


Worldwide - We support working remote but we are very open (and support it even more) if you want to come and work in the Netherlands (it's a great country ;) )!

Company technologies

Please check our stack on Stackshare here: Hugo: Quriobot:

Office locations

Hugo office is located in Amsterdam

How to apply

Visit the Hugo careers page or send an email to

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