Human Made Worldwide

Company blurb

Human Made is a fully distributed web development agency, with employees spread across the globe. We develop WordPress websites and applications for a broad range of clients in enterprise and publishing.

Company size

50+ and growing.

Remote status

What matters most at Human Made are the humans who make up the team. We believe that we do our best work when we strike the right balance between work and life, prioritising home and family while still being dedicated and serious in our careers. We work flexibly, focusing on completing tasks not on counting hours, and we monitor our workloads to ensure no one is overworked.

As a distributed team, communication is crucial to the smooth running of the company, and we value communication skills above all. We also value learning and collaboration, and always strive to create a supportive community in which every individual can flourish. As open source software is the cornerstone of our business, we encourage all of our employees to contribute to open source projects.



Company technologies

WordPress, PHP, Javascript, server technologies?

Office locations

We have offices in the UK and Australia.

How to apply

Send us an email to with information about why you would like to join Human Made.