Company blurb

We are a remote-first company that builds travel infrastructure. We want to live in a world where travel is diverse, personal and accessible. Our first step - build the accommodation API to end all accommodation APIs, to enable and democratise innovation.

Things we take seriously:

  • Our customers and customer data
  • Our team and work-life balance
  • The quality of our products and services

Things we don't take too seriously:

  • Ourselves
  • The #random channel

Company size

35+ team members (15 in Product/Engineering and growing fast)

Remote status

Our development team is fully remote, but we're the most social and synchronous remote team you'll ever meet. To ensure we stay that way, we're all based in Europe (2 hours either side of UK time).

The operations and commercial teams are partially remote (with 2 'core' days in an office), they like to see people IRL every now and then. Engineers do too! That's why we set up frequent co-location events for the development team.



Company technologies


  • Node.js
  • New & exciting data processing language (TBD)


  • Javascript
  • React


  • Amazon Web Services (multiple)


  • MongoDB
  • Postgres


  • RabbitMQ

Office locations


How to apply

Check-in here (#hotelJokes):