Company blurb

At, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the network industry by delivering superior, sustainable, and automated connectivity solutions to enterprise customers worldwide. Our mission is to provide a 100% uptime guarantee, self-service, and end-to-end automation on a global scale.

We are committed to excellence and professionalism in everything we do. Trust and equality are at the core of our values, and we strive to ensure that traffic passing through our networks is encrypted and transported equally. We also actively support the network community and strive to continuously improve in all areas, including our commitment to being CO2 neutral.

Company size

>30 as of Q4-2023 with a wide range of nationalities and languages (although English is the official language).

Remote status is a 100% remote and English speaking company. We have no dedicated office although, the company was founded in Berlin, Germany, which means we have a registered address there but, nobody is based at this address.

We provide employees with everything they need to work remotely (there is a home office budget) and we have flexible working hours.

We also host quarterly company meet-ups that provide an opportunity to work and socialize with your colleagues in-person, and we have regular virtual social events in between the meet-ups, in order to break up the solitude of remote work.


We are open to hiring people from anywhere around the world. The company was founded in Berlin has been spreading out from there. We now have employees all over Europe and recently hired in the USA. We hope to keep spreading out!

Company technologies

On the networking side of things we are working with the usual networking names such as Arista, Juniper, F5, Kentik, Ansible, J2, NetBox, etc.

On the software side of things we are working with typical software languages and tools such as Python, Typescript, Go, Django, PostgreSQL, K8s, ArgoCD, etc.

Office locations

We have one office in Berlin which is just a registered company location, and also used for deliveries, nobody works there, we are a 100% remote company.

How to apply

Open positions are listed on our careers page . You can apply there or email directly.