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Intuition Machines specializes in deep learning and visual domain ML at scale.

Since its founding, Intuition Machines has been on the forefront of innovation, leveraging and developing new technologies to solve complex problems. Our team, composed of leading researchers and developers, are constantly innovating toward an improved future fueled by the promise of privacy, security, and performance. We work in a casual and fast-paced environment, with a team distributed around the world, hundreds of millions of users, and a rapidly growing customer base and product suite.

Join us as we transform security and machine learning online.

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We are a remote-first company, with team members located in over twenty countries around the globe. Vacancies on mention specific countries, but you can apply from any country.



Company technologies

Our tech stack:

  • Python (ML libraries, pandas, requests, FastAPI, pydantic, asyncio, pytest)
  • Dask / Spark
  • Kubernetes (Helm, FluxCD), Docker, Docker Compose
  • Kafka
  • ClickHouse (columnar OLAP database)
  • Argo Workflows
  • LogDNA, Grafana, Sentry, GitHub Actions, HoneyComb, Redash,, Minio
  • Cloud: AWS + Azure

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