Company blurb

iwantmyname is a pure domain management service offering domain registration and DNS hosting. We believe that any person, organisation or company should have complete control over their web address. You should be able to own it, use it the way you want and move it if necessary. This can all be achieved by registering a domain name.

Until now, the process of buying and managing domains has been far too difficult, confusing and non-transparent. Consequently, we have set out to create a much better experience for domain seekers in order to make it simple to find, register and set up domains.

Company size

12 members listed on iwantmyname's about page

Remote status

iwantmyname is very supportive of remote work. Nomad Stories has an interview about how we built our company around remote working from day one. There is also more information on the blog


Worldwide - iwantmyname has been remote since day one.

Company technologies

We're currently using modern Perl, Erlang, Python, node, CouchDB, RabbitMQ, Kyoto Tycoon, Puppet, Vagrant, Docker and are looking at a whole lot of new toys to build the best possible experience for our customers.

Office locations

167B Vivian St, Wellington 6011, NZ. street view

How to apply

Current openings are on the jobs page.