KickBack Rewards Systems

Company blurb

KickBack Rewards Systems is a national leader in coalition loyalty marketing. We connect over 1200 retailers with their customers on an intimate level through rewards programs & loyalty solutions. Customers walk away with a deeper sense of brand loyalty, and our clients are rewarded with detailed customer buying habits to better learn how to serve their base. It happens millions of times each week—a customer shops at a convenience store, a drug store, supermarket, restaurant, or a host of other retail channels, and they hand over their loyalty card to earn valuable rewards points. It’s just a moment in time, but each interaction is unique, and it’s a connection that binds retailers and their most precious commodity: their customers. As a national leader in rewards programs and consumer engagement strategies, KRS develops business solutions that make retail operators smarter and more profitable while elevating the entire organization by anticipating the growing needs of their customers. With more than 20 years of experience, we’re recognized as the market leader in building rewarding customer experiences that generate brand loyalty, build repeat store visits, and increase bottom line sales. KRS recognizes that to succeed in today’s competitive retail environment, business must be armed with accurate, reliable, and intelligent data. Working with retail operators of all sizes and across all retail channels, KRS provides powerful business intelligence that is guaranteed to grow your business. Here at KRS, we are committed to growth through service to our partner companies.

Company size

Approximately 82, as per LinkedIn employee count from October 2021.

Remote status

Kickbacksystems has a lot of remote job openings and most of the team works remotely.



Company technologies

Python, PHP, Django, React, GraphQL, C#, Xamarin, REST, Docker, AWS, etc.

Office locations

Twin Falls, ID

How to apply

Job openings: